FEATURE | Arley Barnes, Under The Microscope.

Arley Barnes has built up a solid reputation at the Cobbydale Construction Stadium, his energetic performances from centre midfield have secured his place as a solid fans favourite. We caught up with Barnes to get to know his thoughts on the current campaign, and more!

You’ve been at Silsden for four years now Arley, what is it that’s made you want to stay?

It’s a good club to be around, I just feel we have a very close knit group here so it’s hard to really think about leaving.

What attracted you to the club initially?

Without a doubt it was the gaffer Danny Forrest which persuaded me to join. I could see his passion and where he wanted to take the club, and I wanted to be a part of that.

How do you feel we can finish the season, given it’s been a tough start?

I think we will start climbing the table soon, we’ve not had the best start, we all know that, but I believe the results will start to come. We just want to finish as high as possible.

What are your interests outside of football?

I just like spending time enjoying life with the people I love.

Who is the footballer you admire the most, past or present?

Lee Bowyer, what a guy.

Which football team do you support?

Leeds United

Who at Silsden has the worst banter?

There’s a few lads with terrible banter to be fair, so I wouldn’t like to single anybody out.

Who moans the most in the dressing room?

Now this is a simple one. Has to be Mitch (Joe Mitchell). Loves to moan about anything and everything.

Who’s the funniest in the squad?

Wadey (Chris Wademan) is a funny lad, always up to something.

Finally, who in the squad would you pick for your five-a-side side, and why?

In net it’d be Alfie/Ginner.

Josh Kaine – Strong, quick defender but can also turn into Nani when needed.

Joe Micthell – Energetic and strong, loves a shoulder drop and a reverse pass.

Khuram Shazad – Unbelievable feet – would get in any 5-a-side team.

Laurence Sorhaindo – Great feet, very awkward to play against, and knows where the back of the net is.